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Cleveland, OH /

Cleveland Python User Group Meeting

LeanDog Boat 1151 North Marginal Road , Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)

Intro to Data Science using Kaggle - by David Egbert

The purpose of this session is to give newcomers to data science a brief overview of the field and an experience with an approachable data science project. At the end of the session, attendees will be armed with the knowledge and resources to begin their AI adventure.

If you'd like to follow-along you should sign up for a free Kaggle account before the meetup:


Collaborative Python Programming w/ Visual Studio Code - by Justin Beall

Let’s explore how to move you and your team from golf to basketball by setting Visual Studio Code up for Python development to take advantage of the ‘Live Share’ feature!

If you'd like to follow-along you should install VS Code before the session. Justin offered to help people get setup before the meetup so if you need help try to show up a little early. Download:


Module of the month: Django - Marissa Utterberg


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