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How A Mom & Pop Chocolate Co Hustled from 500K to 10+Ms in Rev by Never Settling

Innovation Pavilion 9200 East Mineral Ave , Centennial , CO 80112 (map)

Hard Knock Hustlers: Enstrom Candies CEO Doug Simons

Let's be honest here... There has been a lot of glitz and glamour around the "idea" of being an entrepreneur. But the truth is that being an entrepreneur and business owner is more about loving the life of being in the mud and embracing failure than enjoying the riches from it. This group is aimed to be the most AUTHENTIC & Inspiring Meetup that will host monthly high caliber guest interviews with Colorado's most prominent founders, athletes & olympians, & smartest hustlers to learn from.

Now, this isn't going to be your boring Q&A scripted interview...these interviews are going to peel away the layers to get to discover the side/life of the guest you would have never known before.

You are going to be able to feel like you are one of the many flys in the room listening in on a very engaging DIALOG styled show.

Think of it as a Joe Rogan Experience + Tim Ferris style show that you can witness in person.

For our inaugural Hard Knock Hustlers episode:

We will be discussing how Enstrom began as a family business and how Doug came into the family business with a very Steve Jobs minded mentality of continually looking for innovated ways that the competition overlooked. The talking points we will uncover:

- How Enstrom Hacked the Customer Buying Process when innovation was barely born

- How Older Companies Either Die or Learn to Operate like a Silicon Valley Tech Company

- The Mistake that Almost Bankrupted the Company

- The Tips on Breaking 1M and how to not plateau in growth.

Incubator / Accelerator

Innovation Pavilion


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